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The FINNLO brand offers high-quality cardio equipment and strength-training stations as well as accessories. It has the right elliptical trainers, ergometers, hometrainers, treadmills and rowing machines for everyone. For weight lifting, AUTARK strength-training stations set themselves apart with their function and workmanship.

FINNLO works with the latest fitness ideas and technologies. For instance, BIO FORCE multi gym use nitrogen-filled cylinders instead of conventional weights to generate resistance. They are extremely quiet, provide uniform resistance and are much lighter than iron weights.


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Rowing Machines

The perfect addition to any home gym, rowing machines are ideal for those looking to develop muscle strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and endurance and improve joint mobility.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase fitness levels and achieve your fitness goals with a treadmill. A variety of speeds offer the versatility to help you lose weight and feel great, at a pace that suits you.

Cross Trainers

Cross Trainers are also known as elliptical trainers or X-trainers and are uniquely designed to offer weight-bearing exercise, whilst decreasing the risk of impact injuries. 

Exercise Bikes

Improve your cardiovascular fitness from the comfort of your own home with an exercise bike. Build muscle, burn calories and strengthen stamina with the low-impact exercise of cycling.

Multi Gyms

One piece of weight training equipment with multiple uses. Stands allow you to lift more weight, but safer, and towers are ideal for those wanting to take their calisthenic workouts to the next level


Training with weights provides an endless range of strength building exercises to tone the entire body. Build functional strength, core stability, and endurance whilst burning calories.

Hammer Fitness

Home fitness equipment directly from the manufacturer — buy HAMMER & FINNLO by HAMMER premium quality products and profit from our Premium-Service directly from us, the manufacturer!

HAMMER SPORT AG has worked in the manufacture and sale of sporting items for over 100 years. Everything started with the production of wooden tennis rackets and skis.

After the Second World War the manufacturer became the leading German ski manufacturer with significant innovations under the name "erbacher": The company built the first plastic ski in the world and was the second company world wide to develop and produce Howard Head-style metal skis. In 1960 Heidi Biebl won gold at Squaw Valley (USA) on "erbacher Grand Prix".

In 1989 HAMMER SPORT produced an exercise machine program under the "HAMMER" brand. Today, HAMMER SPORT AG is one of the leading providers of home exercise machines in Germany. In 1996 the sales program was expanded to include HAMMER boxing and martial arts items.

In 2005 the premium FINNLO brand was introduced to the market. Today FINNLO is "the" innovative fitness brand in Europe. A constant demand for premium quality and design is the decisive factor in the success of the FINNLO brand.

The success story of HAMMER and FINNLO exercise machines is primarily based on the development of quality products with innovative, in part patented product specifications that allow the brands to keep up with the demands of the world market.