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HAMMER Cross Trainer Crosslife BT

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HAMMER Cross Trainer Crosslife BT

Modern cross trainer workout with Bluetooth and App

HAMMER Crosslife BT offers a cross trainer workout, in which variety and efficacy are the focus. A total of 22 training programs and compatibility with the comprehensive iConsole+ training app make sure that workouts never get boring. Use the Crosslife BT for a variety of cardio training sets to burn plenty of calories. Reach your dream weight, increase your stamina for everyday life and improve the fitness of your heart. HAMMER Crosslife BT is the perfect step up for you to a healthier and fitter life!

Maximised Variety With 22 Workout Programmes

The 22 workout programs will help you decide on your personal workout schedule, which you can adjust to suit your form on the day, the time you have available or the training goal you want to achieve. Want to work off some of the accumulated stress after a long day at the office? A nice, relaxed training session to wind down is just the ticket. Or do you prefer some intensive training units to challenge yourself for top performance over and over again? Then you might be best served with a short power workout. The decision is all yours!

The 12 uphill and downhill programs allow you to adjust your personal performance level to the relevant workout section, which means you can effectively push yourself a little more each time. The programs are easily selected via the “Push & Turn” knob. The 4 cardio programs underline the health aspect of the HAMMER Crosslife BT, which allow heart rate-controlled cardiovascular workout sessions.

App Control With Route Programmes

Now you can stay motivated with the iConsole+ training app, which offers free alternative menu navigation and an innovative route program. The Bluetooth connection of the HAMMER Crosslife BT connects the app to your smartphone or tablet PC. Your smartphone or tablet PC can therefore be used as a fully functional training computer that allows you to follow routes you have put together yourself or provided by the app. More fun and motivation for your training!

Powerful Technology, High-End Design

The 18 kg flywheel mass and built-in, high-quality ball bearings, along with the wear-free, electronic magnetic braking system, are proof of the powerful technology used to create the HAMMER Crosslife BT. Crosslife BT runs extremely smoothly and quietly, which means a late night training session at home won’t bother the neighbours.

Fitness & Power Workout In One

Purchasing a HAMMER Crosslife BT means that you have a cardio training device for a healthy heart and at the same time also a workout machine that will help you fulfil your athletic ambitions. With an output of 35–260 W (speed-independent at 60 RPM) up to 400 W (speed-dependent at 80 RPM) you can do a high-intensity workout that will really challenge all you’ve got. Efficacy at its best!

Key Product Information - Cross Trainer Ergometer Crosslife BT


  • Class HA cross trainer ergometer in accordance with DIN EN 957-1/9
  • Wear-free, electronic magnetic braking system with approx. 18 kg flywheel mass for high dynamics
  • Performance in watts: 35–260 W (speed-independent at 60 RPM) up to 400 W (speed-dependent at 80 RPM).
  • Grooved belt system and premium ball bearings for perfect and whisper-quiet run
  • Polar-compatible receiver (5 kHz)
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Max. user weight: 130 kg
  • Built-up size (L/W/H): 130 x 62 x 164 cm


  • Training computer with iConsole+ app, controllable via smartphone or tablet PC
  • 2-way mode: speed-independent (W) and speed-dependent resistance adjustment
  • Clear LCD colour display with illuminated blue background colour
  • High-contrast, brilliant display, particularly suitable for those wearing glasses
  • Intuitive computer operation: “Push & Turn” training
  • Display of distance, time, calories, heart rate, watts, level and speed
  • 4 health-promoting cardio programs
  • Acoustic safety warning signal when upper heart rate limit is reached
  • 12 uphill and downhill programs suitable for beginners and endurance athletes
  • Individually adjustable resistance setting via buttons (manual mode)
  • 4 user programs for individual training settings for the whole family
  • Fitness grade from 1–6 and recovery heart rate to help monitor performance improvements
  • Body fat measurement provides information about body fat in %
  • 16 resistance levels for individualised training
  • Graphic display of the load profile via bar charts
  • Count-up/count-down function
  • Integrated heart rate receiver for the Polar T34 chest strap and the FINNLO chest strap (optional)

Comfort features:

  • 2-way function: Moving and fixed handlebars to work different muscle groups
  • Integrated transportation rollers to comfortably move the device around the room
  • Height adjustment for maximum stability on uneven ground
Colour white
Weight 42 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 130 x 62 x 164 cm
Features / Additional Equipment Dynamic, modern, unmistakable design with rounded accents
Class HA cross trainer ergometer in accordance with DIN EN 957-1/9
2 hand pulse sensors
Ergonomic handlebars (1 fixed and 2 moving handlebars for more variability)
Uniquely shaped footplates for a secure stand
18 cm footplate distance for ergonomic motion sequences
Tablet PC/smartphone holder
Push & Turn knob. Push-turn-start! It couldn’t be easier!
Performance 15-350 Watt
Drive system Belt drive
Braking system Permanent magnet
Resistance adjustment Computer controlled
Load spectrum 16 Steps
Load control RPM independent
Fitness programmes 12
Flywheel mass 18 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:8
Footplate distance 18 cm
Stride Length 32 cm
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse
Permanent display 1+6
User 4
Training programs 22
Pulse Handpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes
Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes
Heart rate controlled programmes 4
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Class Class HA (in accordance with DIN EN 957 – 1/5)
Max. body weight 130 kg