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FINNLO by HAMMER AB-Dominox Abdominal Trainer

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FINNLO by HAMMER AB-Dominox Abdominal Trainer

FINNLO’S AB DOMINOX is your perfect training partner for getting those six pack abs. The ergonomically shaped comfort head cushion with swivel joint provides comfortable neck support during the entire range of motion, while the anti-slip profile ensures stability on any surface. The Powerbelt on the ab trainer’s high-quality foam-padded frame makes even more exercise variations possible. The AB DOMINOX is a truly studio-quality ab trainer!

Improve improper posture – build muscle – get a six pack
Ab trainers are compact and robust pieces of fitness equipment that effectively promote your health. Training with an ab trainer targets the parallel, diagonal, perpendicular and deep-lying stomach muscles to cover the entire abdominal musculature. Why is it so important to have strong abdominal muscles?
The stomach muscles are involved in almost every movement we make and fulfil a number of important duties.

  • Take pressure off the spine as a muscle shield
  • Provide stability during movements
  • Coordinate movements between the upper and lower extremities for fluid motion
  • Serve as aid muscles for breathing
  • Improve poor posture

...and make your body look fantastic!
More than just your health, your stomach muscles play a major role in athletics and performance. Especially for all fast motions, sprints and sports, the abdominal muscles coordinate your movement. Like no other muscle group, a defined washboard stomach stands for fitness and top form.

The FINNLO AB-Dominox ab trainer – premium studio quality

Back-friendly exercise
Regardless whether you're exercising the front (normal position lying on your back) or side muscles (legs and rear turned to the side, shoulder blades against the floor), you'll stay back-friendly with the AB-Dominox from FINNLO. The ergonomic head cushion supports your neck during the motion and prevents stress on the neck bones. The swivel joint flexible adjusts the headrest during the entire motion.
The AB-Dominox also perfectly steers your ab training. Improper movements that could overstrain the spine can be avoided with the supportive, controlled motion guide.

Perfect motion and non-slip profile
The FINNLO AB-Dominox features a non-slip profile. The point where the ab trainer roll over the floor features a ribbed profile. This ensures optimal control over the motion on any surface and won't slip out of place.

More exercise variation with the power belt loop
By changing your body position, you can target individual muscles in your stomach. When you place your legs and rear on the side, then you primarily target the side muscles on the respective side; on your back, you primarily target the front muscles. The included power belt loop provides for even more exercise variation. The power belt is affixed to the top handlebar and changes the intensity and complexity of the exercise with different starting positions. With just a finger on it, the power belt ensures that only the stomach muscles are working and that your arms aren't cheating.

Compact design
The FINNLO AB-Dominox ab trainer has a sporty and sleek design in black. The FINNLO AB-Dominox is also perfect in smaller flats, measuring only 73 x 72 x 60 cm (L x W x H).

Facts & Overview
Get going on your ab training with the FINNLO AB-Dominox ab trainer. The AB-Dominox guides your movements and helps you get a defined six-pack and strong tummy muscles. You can also target the hidden stomach muscles that lie deeper and to the side. In contrast with classic sit-up exercises without any support, you have a reliable training partner with the FINNLO AB-Dominox without the typical strain on your neck. The especially sturdy, gym-quality construction and craftsmanship also allow you to train your side ab muscles perfectly. The construction of the AB-Dominox stands up to heavier users and guides their movement safely and with stability for the entire motion.
Exercising your stomach can also help improve posture and relieve stress in the spine. For athletic activity, defined stomach muscles stabilise and coordinate diverse movements. The AB-Dominox is the optimal fitness device to help you develop a strong six pack.
In order to relieve your neck muscles and neck bones, the FINNLO AB-Dominox ab trainer features an ergonomic headrest with comfortable cushion.
The power belt loop, which is included with the ab trainer, further increases your exercise options and variations. The non-slip profile and functional construction ensure that the AB-Dominox won't slip during the workout and guarantees consistently round repetitions.

Important product info:

  • Ab trainer for professional use at home
  • Studio quality
  • Includes power belt loop for intensive training options
  • Ergonomic headrest with swivel joint to prevent neck strain
  • Premium plastic for stability and support, even for heavy-set users
  • Space-saving, compact design in black
  • Optimal grip with skin-friendly, quality foam
  • Non-slip profile for secure grip on the floor
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 73 x 72 x 60 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
Weight 6 Kg
Colour black
Build up size (L x W x H) 73 x 72 x 60 cm
Delivery time 1-3 workdays