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FINNLO by HAMMER Floor Mats, 2-part

£44.95 GBP

FINNLO by HAMMER Floor Mats, 2-part

Ideal for ergometers, exercise bikes, back trainers, weight benches, weights, and ab trainers. Protects carpet, wooden, and tiled floors. Also suitable for cushioning and noise reduction.

The two-part FINNLO floor mats are made of premium, odour-neutral rubber. The mats are very durable and robust. As a pad for your cardio equipment, the floor mats protect sensitive surfaces like marble, carpet and wooden floors from scratches, imprints and gouges. 
In addition, the product also has insulating properties that prevent home exercise noise from bothering family members or neighbours in the next flat. 
The floor mats also visually designate your personal home fitness studio space.

When ordering, make sure you know the exact measurements of your exercise equipment so that you can select the correct mat size.

Material: rubber
Colour: black
Dimensions: 70 x 30 cm each

Weight 1 kg