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FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench

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FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench

The FINNLO Incline Bench features a separate seat and backrest that can be adjusted to 3 and 6 positions, respectively, for perfect ergonomics. The backrest can be set up to 90 degrees. With a maximum capacity of 250 kg, FINNLO’s incline bench is optimally suited for weightlifters.

Optional accessories:

- FINNLO barbell training station:
The superior barbell training station offers 14 different height settings and 6 width settings making it perfect for a wide variety of exercises such as bench presses and squats. Offering widths adjustable between 73 and 117 cm, the barbell training station is also a good place to set your Olympic size bars. The training station easily holds 200 kg.

- FINNLO 73 kg barbell and dumbbell set:With our differently sized iron weights you can always train at the right intensity. The set comes with 4x 10kg, 2x 5kg, 2x 2.5 kg, 2x 1.25kg and 2x 0.5kg plates, all painted black, for a total of 58.5 kg that can be secured to the lifting bar. The 5 and 10 kg plates also feature grip holes, making them easier to carry and mount. Four high-quality star-shaped collars keep the weights securely in place while you train.

A powerful piece! The perfect incline bench for professional freeweight training with adjustable backrest up to 90 degrees!
Training with free weights requires one thing in particular: a sturdy and secure training bench that you can trust. The FINNLO Incline Bench with 6-way adjustable backrest and three-way adjustable seat gives you a safe hold during the entire exercise. Holding up to 250 kg, the FINNLO Incline Bench is also perfect for advanced weight lifters. The separately-adjustable seat and backrest allow for extensive exercise options for the upper body. Adjusting the incline bench to different angles allows you to target different sections of your muscles.

You can achieve the following health and fitness goals with free weight training on the incline bench:

  • Build/maintain
  • All major parts of the chest muscles
  • The muscles in the shoulder and upper back (upper, middle and lower trapezoid, major and minor rhomboid muscles, latissimus major, levator scapulae, pectoralis minor, etc.)
  • Arm muscles (biceps, triceps, deltoids, inner and outer rotator cuffs)
  • Stomach, leg, and butt can also be trained on the sturdy weight bench.
  • Whether weight lifter, tennis player, swimmer or fitness athlete: everyone can benefit from targeted free weight training.

The FINNLO Incline Bench – a compact training partner

Stable and secure
You'll have the good feeling of concentrating completely on your workout with the FINNLO Incline Bench. The incline bench can handle a maximum weight of 250 kg. A stable stand, robust cushions and premium craftsmanship make the FINNLO Incline Bench together with the optional weights an indispensable foundation for your fitness equipment. No matter if you're an advanced weight lifter or fitness beginner, the incline bench from FINNLO is ideal for men who want to quickly and effectively build muscle, and for women who want to tone their bodies with free weights.

The big advantage of free weight exercises is that it targets not only the large muscles, but also activates many of the smaller muscles that stabilise your movement in multiple directions. As such, free weight exercises are especially effective and target muscles intensively.

You can see the results
You can combine barbell and dumbbell exercises for perfect results that train the upper body. Down to the last muscle fibre! The different adjustable angles on the FINNLO Incline Bench can be varied to hit different parts of the major muscles. This allows you to adjust the backrest to perfectly target your pecs with bench presses at different angles.

Flexibility and stability for varied and secure free weight training
You can also train your legs and rear perfectly with one-leg lunges on a flat weight bench. Even if you're not focussed on it – your butt muscles are automatically part of many exercises in a supportive manner and get trained, too.

  • Separate seat and backrest
  • 6-way adjustable backrest (up to 90 degrees)
  • 3-way adjustable seat
  • Handles up to maximal 250kg
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO barbell training station and the FINNLO 73 kg
  • Barbell and dumbbell set

FINNLO Incline Bench training tips
Always be sure to start your exercise with light weight and proper form. Free weight exercises should be performed with full concentration so that all movements are executed exactly. This applies to both beginners and advanced users.

From classic bench presses with the incline bench at different angles to curls, neck- and overhead presses with the barbell, bench presses with dumbbells, butterfly and reverse butterfly, one-arm rows, tricep extensions, bicep curls and many other variations allow for very complex upper body training. You can also train your legs and rear perfectly with rear leg lifts, stepping up on the bench, and one-leg lunges on a flat weight bench.

Whether you want to train your endurance or strengthen depends on the weight and repetitions. Beginners should start with low to medium weight and do three sets of 16-20 repetitions. Advanced users can increase the weight and do 8-12 repetitions per set. Professionals can increase the weight until they can do only 6-8 repetitions per set. Make your break long enough so that you feel good to move on the next set. About 60 seconds is a good measure.

In order to guarantee progress and fast muscle growth, keep the following sequence in mind. First increase the number of training sessions per week, then the number of exercises, and then the intensity. Once you've adapted, increase the number of sets per exercise (e.g., from three to five) and then increase the number up reps in each set. By varying the exercises and choosing different weights, you can challenge your muscles in new ways. If you want even more challenge, then you can turn to advanced body building principles.

Facts & Overview
Safety and stability as well as a number of adjustments distinguish the FINNLO Incline Bench. From classic bench presses to countless exercises with barbells and dumbbells let you train your entire upper body. The stable weight bench provides a sturdy foundation even for exercises without weights. It's ideal for health and performance-oriented training as well.

You can achieve the following results with the FINNLO Incline Bench:

  • A broad, muscular V-shape
  • Strong, defined shoulder muscles
  • Muscular arms
  • Defined and muscular legs
  • Broad, defined chest

Important product information:

  • Incline bench for a variety of uses when training with free weights
  • Backrest adjusts up to 90 degrees, ideal for shoulder presses
  • Stable hold and support for barbell and dumbbell training as well as exercises without weights.
  • 6-way adjustable backrest
  • 3-way adjustable seat
  • Exercises for chest, shoulders, arms and upper back muscles: Bench presses with barbells or dumbbells, neck and front presses, butterfly/reverse butterfly, one-arm rows, barbell curls, tricep extensions/dips, bicep curls, etc.
  • Weights are not included
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO barbell training station and the FINNLO 73 kg barbell and dumbbell set
  • Detailed exercise manual
  • Colour: Anthracite/black
  • Maximum user weight: 250 kg (body weight + weights used)
  • Dimensions: (L) 150 cm x (W) 54 cm x (H) 50-140 cm
Maximum load 250 kg
Bars and weights included No
Multiple adjustable back rest 6-fold
Seat adjustable 3-way
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Neck press Yes
Weight 1
Colour black
Max. body weight 250 kg (body weight incl. weights)
Build up size (L x W x H) 123 x 60 x 52-140 cm