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FINNLO by HAMMER Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT

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FINNLO by HAMMER Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT

The FINNLO SPEEDBIKE CRT is the perfect partner for powerful and dynamic endurance training at home. With its rugged frame and 25-kg flywheel, the cycle offers optimal workout comfort and maximum speed. Resistance can be continuously adjusted via a knob.

The compact computer with LCD display shows all relevant workout data such as heart rate, speed and distance and comes with an integrated heart rate receiver for chest straps. Heart rate can also be measured using the ear clip.

The SPD click system allows advanced riders to also train with professional cycling shoes designed for clipless pedals. The dual system is also suited for normal athletic shoes.

The SPEEDBIKE CRT features a noiseless and maintenance-free drive belt. Resistance is generated by robust felt brake pads. The comfortable Selle Royal saddle and handlebars can be adjusted quickly and easily to a number of positions thanks to a quick-release system. Precision ball bearings, practical transport rollers and a drinking bottle come standard on the SPEEDBIKE.

3203 Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT

Professional indoor cycling with 25 kg flywheel mass and racing bike characteristics. For professional use at home

A professional indoor cycle allows you to do intensive racing bike training at home. You no longer need hours of training thanks to the flexible adjustment options on the training resistance. A 20-minute power workout will suffice to burn extremely high amounts of calories and effectively strengthen your entire leg and butt musculature. Especially well laid-out, the computer shows you the current amount of calories burned and motivates you to achieve new record performances. At the same time, you burn increased calories from your excess fat reserves – for a slim and defined body in top condition.
Depending on the handlebar position, you can also target your shoulder muscles, as your arm and shoulder muscles are constantly working to stabilise your body. In this way, you strength and tone these muscles and your entire body.

The FINNLO CRT Speedbike – effective training, maximum fun

Sturdy craftsmanship, reliable drive technology
The Speedbike CRT indoor cycle is the premium model in the Speedbike series from FINNLO. It is distinguished by its outstanding craftsmanship and high functionality. The sturdy frame on the Speedbike CRT stands solidly on the floor and is suitable for tall and heavy-set users.
A silent belt, which is stopped by a felt brake pad system, provides the drive. Together with precision ball bearings and a 25-kg flywheel mass, it provides perfect operation.

Clearly laid out, premium training computer with pulse control
The training computer was designed with a clear layout in order to ensure easy operation even during your workout. You can select from multiple workout goals on the Speedbike CRT.
The LCD display always shows two simultaneous sets of performance data, including:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Step frequency
  • Pulse

There are several ways that the Speedbike CRT indoor cycle can measure your pulse. Either the ear clip that is included with the indoor cycle or an optional chest strap can be used to measure your pulse. The training computer includes a pulse receptor for telemetric measurement via the chest strap.
The RPM-dependent resistance setting can be controlled via the easily-accessible knob. It adjusts the intensity in very fine increments.

Perfectly fine-tuned resistance control
The resistance on the indoor cycle can be extremely fine-tuned. An adjustment button works seamlessly with the felt brake pads, allowing especially precise adjustment. This quality feature is especially important for intense cycle workouts in order to carry out effective and realistic racing bike training.
Finnlo Speedbike CRTFinnlo Speedbike CRT

Ergonomic seating
The handlebars and saddle can be individually adjusted vertically and horizontally, and the saddle also tilts. This ensures that every cardio user can find the perfect support on the CRT indoor cycle. Both the handlebars and saddle feature quick tension-fasteners, which allow you to readjust the bike in a flash. The comfortable saddle from Selle Royal takes pressure off your tail bone and rear, making even longer workout sessions perfectly feasible.
If you're planning to use the FINNLO Speedbike CRT to prepare for the next racing season, you'll benefit from the pedals with SPD click system for racing shoes. The dual system works just as well with normal shoes.

Modern racing bicycle design and premium features The modern, sporty red-black design fits wonderfully with any décor. The compact dimensions of 132 x 51 x 120 cm (L x W x H) make the FINNLO Speedbike CRT indoor cycle ideal even for smaller rooms and dwellings. The indoor cycle is easy to move thanks to the integrated transport rollers. Adjustable feet provide stability even with uneven floors.
A drink holder is included on the handlebars (drink bottle included). This ensures that you'll stay hydrated even on long rides.

FINNLO Speedbike CRT training tips
You'll get the best health and fitness results with moderate endurance training in 45 minute sessions. At this length of time, most of the energy comes from burning fat, which effectively reduces fatty tissue and improves your endurance.
If you're not in the mood for a long workout session after work, but still want to exercise, you can do short, extremely intense cardio sessions on the Speedbike. You can either maintain constant speed with high resistance or insert sporadic intensity spikes during your workout. The knob lets you quickly and easily adjust the resistance. Be sure to warm up for 5 minutes at low resistance prior to your training, so as to allow your body to adjust to your exercise.

Facts & Overview
You can do effective racing bike training in the comfort of your own home with the HAMMER CRT indoor cycle. The dynamic movement promotes intense muscle activity and burns lots of calories in doing so. This allows you to burn away fat and get a slim, defined body.

The Speedbike CRT indoor cycle features quality craftsmanship and guarantees smooth, quiet operation thanks to precision ball bearings and a durable felt brake pad system. A maintenance-free belt drives the 25 kg flywheel mass.
The Speedbike CRT features an easy-to-use training computer that displays relevant workout data. A pulse receptor is integrated for telemetric heart rate measurement, making pulse-controlled workouts possible.

Both handlebars and saddle can be adjusted into numerous positions with the practical, quick tension fasteners – perfect workout ergonomy and back-friendly seating.

Important product information

  • Indoor cycle for professional use at home
  • 25-kg flywheel with fixed gear for perfectly smooth operation
  • Energy ratio: 1:3
  • Fixed gear
  • Fine resistance adjustments and emergency lever to quickly stop the flywheel
  • Classic indoor cycle felt brake pads
  • RPM-dependent intensity control
  • Premium Selle Royal saddle adjusts vertically and horizontally to users from 150 cm to over 2 metres tall
  • Handlebars can be adjusted vertically
  • Chrome-plated handlebars and saddle adjustments
  • Quality, quick tension-fasteners to adjust the handlebars and saddle
  • Premium handlebar design for various grip options.
  • Handlebars features non-slip, skin-friendly foam
  • SPD click pedal system for racing shoes or normal athletic shoes
  • Pedal system with specially-hardened axle for high pressure intensities
  • Quality pedals for large and long strains
  • Low-maintenance belt drive for ultra-quiet, smooth operation
  • Transport rollers and adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • LCD display shows 6 different sets of training data, 2 permanent displays, and shows pulse, RPM, training time, calories burned, and distance travelled
  • Power supply: Batteries
  • Colour: anthracite/chrome
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 132 x 51 x 120 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Product weight: 63 kg
Colour black/red
Weight 68 Kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 132 x 51 x 120 cm
Features / Additional Equipment SPD Pedals (Klick-System for Cycling shoes)
Holder for drinking bottle incl. drinking bottle
Adjustable seat: vertical/horizontal/declination 
Vertical adjustable handlebar
Precision ball bearings
Drive system Belt drive
Braking system Felt break
Resistance adjustment Manual
Load spectrum Stepless manual
Load control RPM dependent
Flywheel mass ca. 25 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:3
Freewheel Fixed drive
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / RPM
Permanent display 5
Pulse Earpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes
Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable
Saddle / seat Selle Royal
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply Batteries
Max. body weight 150 kg
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)