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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

FINNLO’s BIO FORCE EXTREME revolutionizes strength-training! Instead of conventional weight stacks, BIO FORCE EXTREME uses special TNT resistance technology (Total Nitro-cell Technology). These Nitrogen-filled cylinders generate smooth and even resistance without making noise.

Adjusting resistance on the FINNLO BIO FORCE EXTREME is a breeze. With the manually operated disc-locking mechanism you can adjust resistance up to 125 kg in steps of 2.5 kg without having to get up from the multi-gym. Since resistance can be adjusted separately for each side (up to 60 kg), it's perfect for helping you build symmetrical muscles if you're stronger on one side.

The multi-gym is completed with a comfort designed seat which can be adjusted vertically for the perfect fit. Effortlessly remove the seat from the gym for advanced exercises.

With its ingenious cable pull system and numerous adjustable pulling positions, the BIO FORCE EXTREME multi-gym lets you do over 100 different exercises to effectively train your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Using detailed descriptions and photos; the manual guide included shows you step-by-step tutorials on each exercise.

Challenge yourself with the BIO FORCE EXTREME when upgrading the optional BIO FORCE ACCESSORY SET to your package. An additional handle set, leg straps and a triceps rope add even more variety and ensure professional-grade strength training.

No weights and no noise! BIO FORCE EXTREME is the perfect multi-gym for home use that simply does more than the competition - a true multi-talent! The BIO FORCE EXTREME weighs only 78 kg and can be easily moved on its transport rollers.

Available accessories:

1) BIO FORCE Power Bench:

  • Perfect accessory for professional-grade bench presses, incline presses, “flying” rows, shoulder presses, lat pull downs
  • 5 backrest settings
  • Seat position automatically adjusts with the backrest
  • Seat angle can be set between 0 and 80 degrees
  • Clamping mechanism makes Power Bench easy to connect
  • Bio Force comfort cushion
  • Quality steel tubing that can handle lifters weighing up to 135 kg
  • Equipment weight: 24.3 kg (gross), 20.9 kg (net)
  • Footprint: 114/120 cm x 49 cm x 106 cm

2) BIO FORCE Accessory Set:

The Bio Force Accessory Set is the perfect addition to the Bio Force multi-gym. Three different handles let you try out more exercises on the Bio Force for an even more dynamic strength training. It includes a professional-grade triceps rope along with open-ended single handles and comfortable nylon straps for various cable-pulling exercises. This equipment is ideal for strengthening core stability and functional exercises. The Bio Force Accessory Set can be stored in a plastic bin that integrates perfectly into the Bio Force frame and keeps everything in place.

Advantages of the accessory set:

  • Greater variety of exercises
  • Attaching storage bin included
  • 2x single handles, 2x ankle straps and 1 triceps rope

3841 Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme – the original!

The Men's Health test winner – now with even more resistance up to 125 kg. Gym quality and sport-specific exercise options for fitness training and professional weight lifting. Already thousands of enthusiastic users.
You can get professional muscle training for your entire body with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym. The patented resistance system offers exceptionally even and smooth motion. Every muscle group is targeted perfectly with at least one, and usually multiple exercises. FINNLO Bio Force Extreme enables both fast muscle growth as well as definition at gym level. You can carry out your daily training 24/7 regardless of gym opening times. FINNLO Bio Force guarantees more than the average number of professional exercises with the free weight motions with a compact footprint. No weight discs, no noise – perfect for every flat.

Depending on your training goals, you can build muscles, improve posture or train important muscle groups for your sport with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym. By varying the exercise intensity and reps, you can improve various types of strength: Maximum strength, speed, reactive strength and endurance. After just 4 weeks, you'll notice significant gains in your strength and muscle definition. The numerous freeweight exercises on the Bio Force Extreme allow for isolated training and faster muscle growth.

The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym – innovative and effective training

Revolutionary TNT resistance technology
With TNT resistance technology, the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme is the world's first home fitness device without conventional weight blocks. The TNT system consists of cylinders filled with nitrogen, which generates especially effective and even resistance over the entire exercise movement. Test it for yourself! Training is completely silent, making it ideal for rented flats. The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme has a decisive safety benefits in households with children, as there are no weight blocks to fall on one another.
The one-hand adjustment is another benefit when compared with conventional multi-gyms on the market. With a few seconds you can adjust the resistance and intensity of your exercise without standing up. The system is especially well suited for super sets (quickly changing the resistance during the exercise set for higher muscle stimulation). The resistance can be adjusted precisely in 2.25 kg increments up to 125 kg. The bilateral resistance control on the Bio Force Extreme can also be used for compensation and balance training for the weaker side of the body. This property is usually found only in professional gyms.

Unbelievable exercise variety and variation options
The Bio Force cable system offers especially flexible training options. You can put together your own training programme from over 100 different exercises. You can also switch into another motion easily during an exercise set. The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme includes a detailed manual that describes and illustrates start and end positions and an overview for women and men for optimal exercising. Perfectly stored in a premium nylon folder.

The ergonomic, comfortable seat on the Bio Force Extreme can be removed in a few easy steps. This allows for exercises like abductor and adductor training, standing curl exercises, cross cable exercises and many other professional exercises. The seat can naturally be adjusted vertically to fit your individual height and body.

Supplemental accessories for even more exercise options
The Bio Force Extreme can be supplemented with various accessories.
FINNLO Bio Force Accessory Set (Art.-no. 3811):

  • High-quality, integrated plastic rack
  • Power triceps cable
  • Swivelling metal grip for arm and chest exercises
  • Comfortable foot straps for adductor and abductor training

The plastic rack can be perfectly integrated into the multi gym and makes a practical place to store accessories. This way, everything remains handy during your training.

FINNLO Bio Force Power Bench (Product no. 3817)
For professional bench presses, incline bench presses, rowing, shoulder presses, latissimus pulls, etc.

  • 5-way adjustable backrest
  • One-hand motion to adjust the seat and backrest
  • Extra-strong comfort cushion with ergonomic design for effective chest exercises
  • Sturdy round pipe construction

Modern Hi-Tech Design
The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme is painted in a sleek and sporty black-anthracite. The premium, symmetrical design integrates perfectly into any modern décor. The Bio Force Extreme is a multi gym that doesn't have to be stowed away in the basement. Place it in your living area to remind you daily of your fitness training, and you can even sneak in a few sets during the day. Thanks to the sturdy transport rollers and a low product weight of only 76 kg, the multi gym can be moved around without problem.

Facts & Overview
Now you can finally train on a professional level at home with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme and quickly and effectively get your body into top shape. Thousands of users love the unique qualities and features on the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym:

  • The innovative TNT resistance system (total nitrocell technology) replaces conventional weight blocks.
  • The TNT resistance system provides exceptionally smooth and completely silent resistance.
  • The handy sliding fastening mechanism allows you to adjust the resistance within seconds – all without having to stand up. Turn, adjust, continue training – so convenient and easy!
  • Perfect for super sets with rapid resistance adjustments
  • The flexible cable system offers over 100 different exercises. You can change from one exercise to another seamlessly and comfortably.

Product details for the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme:

  • Patented TNT resistance system adjustable via sliding mechanism in 2.25-kg increments. No weights, no noise, exceptionally smooth and even resistance
  • Free motion for perfect training ergonomy, sport-specific training and especially fast training results
  • Over 100 exercise options with free motion
  • Exercise variations like the butterfly, bench press, latissimus pulls, leg curls, arm curls, rows, tricep presses/pulls, leg presses, leg extensions, ab training, bilateral training, neck presses, etc.
  • One-hand fast adjustment without standing up – ideally suited for super sets
  • 4 cable points per side for targeted muscle isolation and various shoulder widths
  • Ergonomic, vertically-adjustable comfort seat can also be removed for standing exercises
  • Low product weight of 76 kg and transport rollers make it easy to move
  • Detailed exercise manual and training poster in a premium nylon folder
  • Expandable with the Bio Force power bench (product no. 3817) and accessory set (product no. 3811).
  • Colour: black/anthracite
  • Maximum body weight: 135 kg
  • Dimensions: 138 x 170 x 208cm
  • Space required: 168 x 170 x 208cm


Features / Additional Equipment Revolutionary TNT-resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) for smooth and noiseless training without the usual weight block
Easy resistance adjustment due to the push-lock-mechanism without getting off the machine
Bilateral different weight adjustments: 125kg (2 x 62.5kg) enable compensation of muscle weaknesses 
Total weight of the Multi-gym only 78 kg
Transportation rollers for easy movement of the machine
More than 100 different training possibilities
Incl. manual with exercises and pictures
Vertically adjustable and removable seat
High quality ergonomically back rest cushion
Includes a Finnlo AB Strap AB Training Cable (3818)
Weight block No weight block because of the innovative TNT resistance system
Max. resistance 125 kg (adjustable in 2.25 kg increments)
Upgradable with additional weights No
Multiple adjustable back rest No
Seat adjustable yes
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull Yes
Neck press Yes
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile Yes
Leg press No
Training possibilities More than 100 training possibilities!, butterfly, bench press, Lat pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, triceps press/-pull, reversed leg raises, abdominal training, bilateral training, …
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Weight 1
Max. body weight 135 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 135 x 170 x 208 cm