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FINNLO by HAMMER Power Accessory Pack

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FINNLO by HAMMER Power Accessory Pack

The Power Pack accessory set from FINNLO is comprised of:

  • 1x parallel pulley handhold
  • 1x tricep cable
  • 1x AB-Strap ab training cable

The parallel pulley handhold from FINNLO is made of solid chrome-plated material and has a swivel joint that allows you to hang it on all FINNLO multi gyms. The parallel pulley handhold offers interesting, new exercise variations for tricep and back exercises.

The tricep cable from FINNLO is made of heavy-duty professional cable and is the classic tricep handhold. Even ab exercises can be nicely varied with the tricep cable.

The AB-Strap ab trainer is perfect for those who want a more varied workout. The handy additional module is made of nylon and can be easily attached to the cable pulls with the integrated rings. The integrated shoulder support ensures optimal transfer of strength, while the functional handholds on the AB-Strap ensure a good grip.

In addition to comprehensive ab training you can also intensify your ab, arm, shoulder and leg workouts, depending on where you attach the Ab-Strap on the cable pulls. Exercise variations such as straight and transversal crunches in a seated position, lunges and tricep pulls round out the variety of exercises on the strength-training station. Ideal for advanced practitioners who want even more exercise options for their strength-training at home.

Small, but wow! The small size of the Ab Strap ab trainer makes it easy to store, and its great design means it can be used in a variety of ways. The AB-Strap is very effective gives all bodybuilders a variety of additional uses.

Weight 5 Kg