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FINNLO by HAMMER Smartlock dumbbell set with rack

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FINNLO by HAMMER Smartlock dumbbell set with rack

The Smartlock dumbbell set from FINNLO gives you an unsurpassed variety of dumbbell exercises in the comfort of your own home! Each dumbbell adjusts from 2 to 20 kg or 2 to 32 kg giving you well-rounded, effective training - perfect for strong arms, broad shoulders and a V-shaped torso. The intelligent Smartlock system lets you quickly and easily change training weight. Just a quick turn of the handle is all it takes to select your desired weight. For added convenience, the weight adjusts symmetrically on both sides of the handle. These features make them effective for supersets - exercise sequences in which the weight is systemically reduced in quick intervals.

FINNLO's Smartlock dumbbells employ intelligent and maintenance-free technology: Turning the handle moves an integrated steel pin outward and locks up to ten plates on the dumbbell handle. With this feature, the FINNLO Smartlock dumbbell lets you quickly and safely adjust weight from 2 to 20 kg. A clear numeric scale helps you set the proper weight on both dumbbells, giving you the set weight at a glance and ensuring perfect control.

The premium Smartlock dumbbell set comes with space-saving, modern dumbbell racks made of high-quality scratch-resistant steel. The dumbbells rest securely in cradles that put the weights within perfect reach when you're training. The plates not in use remain stowed safely and neatly on the dumbbell stands.

The handles on the FINNLO Smartlock dumbbells also offer optimal training comfort. With their soft-grip surfaces, the dumbbells fit perfectly and comfortably in your hands. The plates are encased in a thermoplastic material to prevent clanging for quiet weight-training at home.

By offering the quickest weight change, latest technology and numerous dumbbell exercises, the Smartlock FINNLO dumbbell set will have you in top shape in no time!
  • 2 Smartlock complete dumbbells
  • Available weight: 2-20 kg or 2-32 kg per dumbbell
  • Weight adjustment in 4 kg intervals
  • Change weight rapidly and conveniently by simply turning the handle (SmartLock system)
  • Weight automatically adjusts at both ends of the dumbbell
  • Clear numeric scale shows selected weight
  • "Soft Grip" handle for comfortable and perfect fit in your hand
  • Handle length: 12.1cm
  • Handle diameter: 3.0 - 3.5 cm
  • Thermoplastic-coated plates for ultra quiet training.

Set contains:
  • 2 complete dumbbells including plates for 2 to 20 kg or 2 to 32 kg of weight
  • 1 dumbbell rack for stowing two complete dumbbells at training level

Training Examples:

  • Free dumbbell training
  • bench press
  • back pull
  • shoulder press
  • squats
  • bicep curls
  • triceps extensions



    Label FINNLO by HAMMER
    Features / Additional Equipment 20 kg or 32 kg barbell set for intense workouts 
    Latest technology 
    6 or 10 x adjustable power resistance 
    Perfect for quick exercise changes and supersets
    High quality and very stable dumbbell rack included 
    Versatile exercises possible with only one dumbbell set 
    Weight plates made of cast iron
    Training possibilities Free dumbbell training, bench press, back pull, shoulder press, squats, bicep curls, triceps extensions
    Weight 1
    Colour black
    Build up size (L x W x H) 57 x 96 x 76 cm
    Delivery time 14-21 workdays