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HAMMER 73kg long and short dumbbell set (Ø 30mm)

£299.00 GBP

HAMMER 73kg long and short dumbbell set (Ø 30mm)

Those who want to exercise professionally and with various exercises at home need the 73kg long/short dumbbell set from HAMMER. With this complete set comprised of rods, weights, and caps, you can get started with strength training right away! A total weight of 73 kg ensure that all of your muscles are intensely trained and strengthened.

The set includes one long and two short dumbbell rods made out of chrome-plate solid material. The length and diameter are standardized. The long dumbbell rod is 160cm long, the short rods are 35cm long. Both have a diameter of 30mm. The handholds are roughened to ensure a good grip during your strength training sessions!

You can precisely set the intensity of your workout because the iron weights have various levels of heaviness. The set is comprised of 4x 10kg, 2x 5kg, 2x 2.5kg, 2x 1.25kg, and 2x 0.5 kg weight plates that are painted black. You can put a total of of weights on the dumbbells. The 5kg and 10kg plates also have grip holes so that you can more easily carry and mount the weights. Four high-quality star-shaped twist-off caps securely hold the weights in place during your workout.

With this 73kg long/short dumbbell set from HAMMER, there is nothing to keep you from working out with dumbbells in the comfort of your own home.

73kg dumbbell set from HAMMER:

  • 1x Long dumbbell rod (diameter 30mm, length 160cm)
  • 2x short dumbbells (diameter 30mm, length 35cm)
  • 4x star-shaped twist-off caps, chrome-plated
  • 2x 0.5kg iron plates (painted black)
  • 2x 1.25kg iron plates (painted black)
  • 2x 2.5g iron plates (painted black)
  • 2x 5kg iron plates (painted black)
  • 4x 10kg iron plates (painted black)
Weight 73 kg
Delivery time 14-21 workdays