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HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer

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HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer

The AB ROLLER from HAMMER is optimally suited for an effective six-pack workout in the comfort of your own home.

The ergonomically designed comfort head cushion ensure comfortable neck support throughout the entire sequence of movement. The foam-covered handholds and the arm rests ensure a comfortable and varied ab muscle workout. With the AB ROLLER from HAMMER, sexy ab muscles are no longer just a thing of dreams.

Defined ab muscles and a slim waist.
Almost no part of the body is as admired as the six-pack—by both sexes! The washboard stomach is the last of refinement in the mid-body area and THE symbol of fitness. Precisely in the mid-section of the body one can see just how important sport, appearance and health are to a person. For women the muscle package is not as much in the foreground; here, a flat, firm stomach is the goal.

However, the ab muscles not only need to be made visible through endurance training; they also need to be built up. The Ab Roller ab trainer from HAMMER is your perfect workout partner. With it you can do numerous exercises that strain every part of your ab muscles:

  • Straight abdominal muscles
  • Outer oblique abdominal muscles
  • Inner oblique abdominal muscles
  • transverse abdominal muscles

At the same time the Ab Roller supports each phase of the rolling movement and prevents adverse overstraining of the spine

But the six-pack does not just look admirable; it is also important for the body. Together with the back musculature, the abdominal muscles for a type of corset that protects your spine from harmful effects. This is not just the best prevention against the back pains of daily life; it is also the basis for more erect and healthy posture. In addition to an attractive appearance, ab muscles also fulfill tasks that are important to your health:

  • Stabilization of the spine and the back muscles
  • Coordination of all leg and upper body movements
  • Breathing support
  • Compensation and improvement of poor posture

The HAMMER AB Roller ab trainer - effective ab workouts

Work out in a way that is effective and goes easy on the back
Correct exercise execution is important - in particular when you are doing crunches and sit-ups - if you want to avoid putting any harmful strain on your spine. The HAMMER ab trainer AB Roller is a big help: Movement is optimally guided, and you achieve a smooth, gently sequence of movement.

Specific ab muscles can be intensely strained thanks to the different lying positions and handhold variations. For example, turn your torso to the side and you will work your oblique abdominal muscles more intensely. You can further increase the intensity of the exercise by adding weights to your chest.

Comfortable workmanship
All handholds on the AB Roller ab trainer are covered with skin-friendly foam. This prevents your hands from slipping during your workout, and the ab trainer always remains in a stable position on the floor.

The ergonomic neck support optimally supports the head so that the cervical spine is gently guided throughout the entire sequence of movement. The comfortable cushion ensures a comfortable head position.

Compact design in black/red
The black/red HAMMER ab trainer AB Roller only weighs 3kg and can be folded up to save space, thereby reducing its dimensions when set up - 71 x 73 y 71 cm (L x W x H) - to a much smaller size.

HAMMER AB Roller workout tips:
If you are new to ab workouts, then start with approx. 15-20 repetitions per set. Once your ab muscles are pre-trained, you can add additional weights to intensify your workout. Ensure that your legs are bent while you work out (approx. 90° in the knees) and that your feet are on the floor. Slowly roll the upper body upward, with the movement starting with your head. Hold your position and the tension briefly in the upper most position and then slowly return to the starting position. The arms rest comfortably on the armrest but are not part of the rolling movement.

Conclusion and overview
A strong six-pack and a slim, well-shaped waist - with the HAMMER AB Roller ab trainer, you can effectively start working your abs at home. The ab trainer guides your sequence of movement and helps you target your ab muscles more precisely. You can increase workout using the various lying positions, handhold variations and additional weights.

The ab trainer comes with a comfortable and cushioned neck support. This unburdens your cervical spine and supports the rolling movement.

Furthermore, the handholds of the AB Roller are coated with nonslip foam. This ensures a secure hold on the ab roller during your intense workout.

Product details:

  • Ergonomic head cushion that protect against neck tension
  • Quality foam around the handholds for a secure grip
  • Dimensions when set up (L x W x H): 71 x 73 x 71 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Colour: black/red
Weight 5 Kg
Colour black
Build up size (L x W x H) 71 x 73 x 71 cm
Delivery time 14-21 workdays