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HAMMER AB-Sensation Abdominal Trainer

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HAMMER AB-Sensation Abdominal Trainer

The AB Sensation from HAMMER is an ab muscle trainer that can do more!

The workout computer shows the time, the repetitions and the calories burned during your six-pack workout! The ergonomic neck support, the foam-covered handholds and the workout mat ensure comfort!

Those who want to intensify their workout can do so with the additional weights (2 x 300g). For sexy ab muscles and a slim waist!

Strong ab muscles - more important than you think!
Having a pronounced six-pack does not just look good; it is also extremely useful! Strong ab muscles are more important than you think, as they fulfill many tasks and make a significant contribution to our health.

The ab muscles are the antagonistic - i.e. the opposed - muscles vis-à-vis the back muscles. Together these muscle groups form a strong corset for our sensitive spine and stabilize our spine in all of our movements. Furthermore, arm and leg movements must be coordinated in daily life and during your workout. The ab muscles play an important role and transfer energy to the legs from the upper body and arms. The ab muscles also play a role in our breathing. They serve as supporting muscles for the primary muscles involved in our breathing and should therefore be strong and healthy. At the same time the ab muscles stabilize our passive locomotor system and help improve poor posture.

With the HAMMER ab trainer AB Sensation, you can do a lot for your health. Repeated ab workouts during the week (combined with endurance training) helps your stomach become an attractive part of your body, and you will even have a six-pack if your workouts are intense. You will feel more comfortable and healthier. You can achieve a lot even if you are older. A flat stomach is attractive no matter how old you are, and it is also important for your back and health.

HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation – many useful qualities

Intense six-pack workouts that go easy on the back
With the HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation you not only intensely work your ab muscles, you also simultaneously work out in a way that is easy on your back. The ab trainer stabilizes and guides your movement, which prevents unclean and harmful execution of the movement. When doing exercises that strain your spine such as crunches and sit-ups, it is important that the sequence of movement is round and gentle.

With the ab trainer AB-Sensation, you are assured an effective and intense workout. You can emphasize different ab muscle zones using different lying positions and leg positions

  • Straight ab muscles
  • Outer oblique ab muscles
  • Inner oblique ab muscles
  • Oblique ab muscles

Workout control via the workout computer
The integrated workout computer distinguishes the HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation from many other ab trainers on the market. The performance monitor shows all important data about your workout, including the following values:

  • Time in minutes and seconds
  • Repetitions completed
  • Calories burned

With the help of these workout data you can effectively arrange your workout, as you can follow the development of your performance and react by increasing the intensity. You no longer have to concentrate on counting repetitions; you can rely on your computer while you focus on your six-pack workout.

Useful accessories for varied exercises
Another thing that distinguishes the HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation are the sensible accessories included in the scope of delivery. The accessories facilitate an even more comprehensive and varied workout than traditional ab trainer models.

Amongst other things, the scope of delivery includes two weight belts that you can use to intensify your workout. The 2x 300g additional weights can be easily attached to the ab trainer with Velcro fasteners. This makes it harder to execute each exercise, which increases the workout and build-up effect on your muscles.

A workout mat is also included in the scope of delivery to ensure even more comfort during your workout. It is in modern, sporty blue, and together with the ergonomically designed neck support it ensures comfortable ab workouts that are easy on the back. The workout mat can also be used as a yoga mat.

If you are in a supine position for your workout, you will see two additional handhold options to the left and right on the frame of the ab trainer. You can use the two handholds to diversify your workout even more and ensure more varied exercises. The handholds are covered in foam and keep you from slipping during your workout.

Compact design in blue/black
The HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation comes in blue/black and, together with the comfortable workout mat, provides a compact and cozy experience. All materials are skin-friendly, and the high-quality materials ensure longevity and a long period of usability. The dimensions of the ab trainer when set up are 71 x 73 x 71 cm (L x W x H), and it weighs 5 kg.

Conclusion and overview
With the HAMMER ab trainer AB-Sensation you can get started with your workouts on the right foot and get your ab muscles in shape. A muscular, defined and flat stomach does not just look athletic; it also ensures good posture and a healthy back. Whether in daily life or when doing sports, the ab muscles are involved in every movement and should therefore be regularly strengthened in order to prevent early signs of wear in the spine.

Thanks to the comprehensive accessories, working your abs with the AB-Sensation is never boring. A workout computer that is integrated into the frame keeps you updated on your current performance data. The workout is easy on the back and extremely comfortable thanks to the workout mat and the neck cushion included in the scope of delivery. Additional handholds and weights ensure options for more variations and more intensity when doing your exercises.

Product details:

  • Ergonomic head cushion that prevents neck tension
  • Quality foam covering the handholds for secure grip
  • Integrated workout computer for perfect control and motivation
  • Computer displays duration, repetitions and calories burned
  • Includes 2x 300 g additional weights to increase performance and for more exercise variations
  • Includes workout mat that is easy on the back and which can also be used for yoga
  • Anti-slip profile for optimal grip
  • Dimensions when set up (L x W x H): 71 x 73 x 71 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Colour: Black/blue