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HAMMER Boot Camp Pro

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HAMMER Boot Camp Pro

Boot Camp Pro from HAMMER delivers what its name promises: six-pack, strength and condition! The three-piece set is comprised of an ab trainer, push-up bars and jump rope and maximizes your workout at home, even in the smallest room!

The AB Roller ab trainer is the successful trainer you need to get your washboard abs! AB Roller supports you in every phase of the crunch movement and keeps your ab training on the right track. The ab trainer's ergonomic head cushion can be individually adjusted and comfortably keeps your neck in the right position while you work on your six pack. The straight and oblique ab muscles are intensely strengthened with the ab trainer, which lays the groundwork for your six-pack.

Part two of the Boot-Camp Pro set, the push-up bars, take on your arms, shoulders and chest muscles and optimize your push-up exercises! The handholds on the push-up bars can be freely rotated 360° and allow for numerous handhold positions, even during the push-up movement. A classic in strength-training, your entire chest musculature, your triceps and parts of your shoulder girdle are worked. Either your chest or your triceps are intensely worked, depending on how far apart your arms are. At the same time you go easy on your wrists thanks to the straight handhold. Since push-ups work multiple muscle groups at the same time, they perfectly define and simultaneously strengthen your upper body. With the push-up bars you can get even more out of your push-ups - and this is true for all levels of training and experience.

In order to maximize the definition of your abs, arms shoulders and chest, the Boot Camp Pro set from HAMMER is rounded out with the professional jump rope. The jump rope is made out of PVC/steel, can be adjusted to a length of up to 3m, and is ideally suited for POWER workouts. Plastic casing and a steel core guarantee the excellent balance when jumping rope.

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