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Hammer Fitness

HAMMER BOXING Cobra Boxing Set

£119.95 GBP

HAMMER BOXING Cobra Boxing Set

  • Robust Punching Bag Cobra with Nylon outer shell.
  • Premium boxing gloves.
  • Great set for boxing beginners.
  • Box at home at advanced levels.

The Cobra boxing set consists of the robust Cobra punching bag with a Nylon outer shell (length 100 cm) and premium boxing gloves. The training boxing gloves are made of PU material and have many of the features of premium class gloves: pre-curled cushioning, ergonomic fit, sewn-on thumbs, air holes, and a hook and loop fastener to stabilise the wrists. It's a great set for beginning boxers who want to attain a high level of boxing at home.
Label Hammer Boxing
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Dimensions Length of the punching bag: 100 cm, Size: 10oz
Material Nylon
Weight 26 kg
Features / Additional Equipment boxing set consists of 1 punching bag and 1 pair of boxing gloves
Punching Bag Cobra: made of durable and washable Nylon, Length: 100 cm
Training boxing gloves: made of PU material, Weight: 10 oz