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Hammer Fitness

HAMMER BOXING Curved Punch Pad

£119.95 GBP

HAMMER BOXING Curved Punch Pad

The punch pad from HAMMER BOXING has a surface area of 75 x 35cm and is ideal for working kick and elbow techniques. The punch pad is held in place via three handles on the backside. Your workout partner can attach the punch pad to his or her forearm and position the pad with the other hand. With a thickness of 15cm, your partner is protected from hard punches. The two brass eyelets on the upper side guarantee maximum airflow even if punch speeds are high, thereby preventing ripping caused by excess pressure.

Label Hammer Boxing
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Material Leder
Weight 2 kg
Features / Additional Equipment Surface area of 75 x 35 cm
Large surface area
Three handles on the backside
15 cm thick