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HAMMER BOXING Punching Bag Premium Leather Professional

£299.95 GBP

HAMMER BOXING Punching Bag Premium Leather Professional

Premium boxing equipment for professional punching bag workouts. 3mm-thick quality leather and select cushion material for hard, professional training sequences. Uncompromising equipment for professional use at home. 4 chrome-plated steel chains and swivel ensure a centered and stable mounting of the bag, which significantly reduces the risk of injury when you work out. The mounting does not twist and the material is conserved.

The HAMMER punching bag PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL gives you everything you need for realistic "opponent workouts" in the comfort of your own home. The punching bag is made out of durable and robust leather in a sporty, masculine black. The punching bag's length and the quality of its outer surface is very ideal for kick techniques! HAMMER punching bag PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL, the perfect power punching bag for intense demands.

Boxing can result in the following workout results:

  • Improved coordination and punch
  • Improved endurance and condition
  • Muscle build-up, in particular in the upper body such as shoulders, biceps, triceps and back
  • Development of an attractive "V-shape" and a strong, muscular upper body
Label Hammer Boxing
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
Dimensions Length: 100cm, 120cm, Weight: 30kg, 34kg
Material Upper: Tear-resistant synthetic quality leather
Features / Additional Equipment 4 chrome-plated steel chains and stable steel mounting
Swivel for realistic evasive manoeuver that keeps mounting from twisting
Double stitching for more durability
Robust workmanship
Solid filling material for realistic sparring training
Premium zipper