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HAMMER Ellyptech CT4 Cross Trainer

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HAMMER Crosstrainer Ellyptech CT4

Effective Cardio Training For Your Fitness And Health

On the HAMMER Crosstrainer Ellyptech CT4, you will complete an effective power workout and health-oriented endurance training that will positively influence your fitness and health. The crosstrainer is your perfect training partner for intensive and joint-sparing endurance training. The round movement protects the ligaments, tendons and bones, as the foot has constant contact with the tread. The HAMMER Ellyptech CT4 is ideal for:

  • Health-oriented cardiovascular training
  • Joint-sparing endurance training
  • Body weight and fat reduction
  • Improvement of stamina and condition
  • Strengthening of the leg and buttocks muscles
  • Body tightening and tissue attachment

Speed-independent health and power training

With the HAMMER Ellyptech CT4 you have the opportunity to complete a variety of training. Here, the HAMMER Ellyptech CT4 regulates the resistance, so that the previously determined Watt value is maintained and immediately reacts to the individual tread resistance. You will always train in your designated area and have the perfect control over whether your training is effective and healthy at the same time. With a wattage of 35 - 260 watts (at 60 RPM, independent of speed) to 400 watts (at 80 RPM, speed-dependent) you can complete a power training that really challenges you. 

Computer easy to use and extensive program selection

The computer of the Ellyptech CT4 thrilled by its easy operation and its extensive equipment, where you have the opportunity to access 12 mountain and valley profiles. In addition, you have the opportunity to access 4 heart programs that guarantee health-oriented cardiovascular training. By setting a pulse upper limit and the audible warning signal, which occurs when exceeding the upper pulse limit, you train always in the safe area. So good!

Highest training comfort due to modern technology

The quality ball bearing and a 12 kg flywheel guarantee optimal smoothness and the highest training comfort. The cross-trainer is powered by a stable grooved belt, which is regulated by a permanent magnet brake system.


The HAMMER cross-trainer Ellyptech CT4 offers you a comfortable and varied cardio workout for the home. The dynamic movement on the cross-trainer in combination with the extensive program selection promotes your cardiovascular system, burns the fat deposits and forms a slim body.