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Hammer Fitness

HAMMER Fitness Gloves

£49.95 GBP

HAMMER Fitness Gloves

Fitness gloves are the classic workout accessory. They provide optimal support while using strength training equipment of free weights. The new HAMMER Fitness gloves have a comfortable fit coupled with high quality design. The padding protects your palm against unsightly calluses and abrasions while exercising.

Through the double-crafted stitching, the HAMMER Fitness Gloves are stable and ideal for heavy workouts. The non-slip materials give you support and a perfect grip on the tool, so that you can concentrate fully on your exercise. With the new HAMMER Fitness gloves you have a perfect partner for your workouts.

  • Optimum grip position
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable double seams
  • Ideal for strength training
Features / Additional Equipment Comfortable to wear
Sizes S - XXL
Weight 0,5 kg
Colour black/red
Delivery time 14-21 workdays