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HAMMER Multi Gym California XP

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HAMMER Multi Gym California XP

New 2013 model now in black. The California XP multi-station from HAMMER is a veritable power package that is ideal for ambitious strength-training at home. With 60kg weights, you can get a workout resistance of up to 120kg thanks to the sophisticated doubling mechanism. You can intensely work all your muscles with various exercises such as butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull and leg curl. Includes professional curling station and comfortable cushion!


Item No. 9067 Multi Gym California XP

Strength-training like the professionals do it - varied and flexible with weight plates. up do 120kg bench presses!

You can achieve a well-trained body with a broad V-shape and defined arms in the comfort of your own home. With a multi gym like the California XP from HAMMER you have a small yet complete fitness studio at home. You can work individual muscle groups using numerous exercises, perfect for building up muscles and perfectly defining your body.

You get to decide how you exercise with the HAMMER California XP. With the California XP multi gym you can build up and proportion your muscles. Reduce the amount of weight you are using and increase the number of repetitions and you will reach the endurance range in which you burn a lot of calories. If you primarily want to build up muscle, then choose your weights so that you can do a moderate number of repetitions (8 - 12) in proper form.

The HAMMER California XP multi gym – compact power package

Wide variety of exercises, sufficient resistance
With the sophisticated HAMMER California XP multi gym you can evenly and intensely work all your muscles:
The bench press and butterfly exercises are particularly well suited to working your chest muscles. Bench presses strain your entire chest musculature and is an ideal first exercise in your chest program. The butterfly exercise primarily works and defines your outer chest muscles.

You can also work your upper back muscles with the multi-station, in particular the large latissimus. The lat pull or cable pull for rowing exercises are ideal choices. You can also work your triceps and biceps with the cable pull. Tricep presses and pulls as well as compact exercises such as rowing and lat pull are great ways to work your arms. The integrated, professional curling station provides excellent conditions for effective bicep exercises.

Naturally, you can also do effective leg exercises: With the leg curler you can work the thigh muscles in a seated position or the back leg muscles in a standing position. You can achieve a resistance of up to 120kg with the patented doubling mechanism used in the HAMMER California XP multi gym. This helps even experienced bodybuilders reach their limits and effectively increase their strength at any time.

High-quality, comfortable workmanship
Both the backrest and the curling station come with a comfortable 50mm cushion that ensures comfort even when working at high intensities. The backrest also comes with lower lumbar support to maintain a healthy workout posture and to guarantee perfect workout ergonomics. The 60 x 40cm curling station has six different settings so that you can adjust the station to your body size.

The 50 x 5m mm steel pipe structure comes with a special scratch-resistant powder coating. The chrome-plated guide bars ensure that the weights move noiselessly.

The delivery includes a 60kg weight set (4 x 10kg, 4 x 5 kg). All of the weight plates are covered with plastic to protect the floor. The plastic also cuts down on noise when you stack or move the plates. This makes them ideal for rented apartments.

Compact design
With space requirements of just 189 x 111 x 201 cm (L x W x H), the California XP is an extremely compact strength-training station. It can be easily stored in smaller rooms, and its black/red/silver design allows it to fit in seamlessly with any design scheme.

HAMMER California XP workout tips
To ensure maximum muscle growth, you should completely work each muscle group before moving on to the next one. This increases muscle stimulation, which is ideal for increasing the cross-section, causing the muscles to grow quickly and safely. Blood circulation remains high in your muscles during your sets, and you can completely exhaust all of your energy reserves. For example, add the butterfly exercise to your bench press program without working any other muscle groups in-between. You can start with another muscle group such as the back once you have finished your chest workout.

Conclusion and overview
The HAMMER California XP multi-station is a compact, effective power package that allows you to do to all the important and effective strength exercises in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the patented doubling mechanism, a resistance of 60kg can be increased to up to 120kg. The strength-training station is ideally suited for strengthening and defining your muscles. You can evenly work all your muscle groups and develop a proportioned muscular by doing various exercises such as butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curls or bicep curls. A high level of comfort is ensured with the California XP multi gym: Backrest incl. lower lumbar support and curling station come with a comfortable 50mm cushion. The chrome-plated guide bars reduce noise and guarantee a fluid flow of the weights. The stable steel pipe structure is powder-coated and scratch-proof.

Product Details

  • Professional strength-training and bodybuilding
  • Numerous exercises for the entire body
  • Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, rowing, leg curl, hamstrings, arm curl, triceps press/pull, and much more
  • Patented resistance system with weight doubling: 60kg worth of weight plates yield a max. resistance of 120kg
  • Includes 60kg weight set (4 x 10kg, 4 x 5kg)
  • 50mm comfortable cushion
  • Max permissible body weight: 120 kg
  • Dimensions when set up: 189 x 111 x 201 cm (L x B x H)
  • Weight: 111 kg
  • Colour: black/anthracite
Features / Additional Equipment Now in new modern design
60kg cement weight plates (4x 10kg, 4x 5kg)
2x resistance: Weight doubled to 120kg
50 mm back cushion 
50 x 50 mm steel pipe structure with scratch-proof powder coating
60 x 40 cm curling station with comfortable 50mm cushion, 6x height-adjustable
Metal footplate for exercises in a standing position
Latissimus and tricep rod
Chrome-plated guide bars for smooth motion
Weight block 60 kg
Max. resistance 120 kg
Maximum of usable weight 60 kg
Upgradable with additional weights No
Multiple adjustable back rest No
Seat adjustable no
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal No
Back pull No
Neck press No
Lat pull Yes
Leg press No
Training possibilities Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull
Weight 119 Kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 189 x 111 x 201 cm
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)