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HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX2

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HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX2

The HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX2– quick workout results thanks to professional equipment details: cable pull module and power lat. bar for over 45 exercise options. The Ferrum TX2 from HAMMER is an effective and compact "strength-turbo" with which you can intensely work all the important muscle groups. Even in tight spaces (space requirements only 150 x 110 x 200 cm) you can easily work your chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles.

You can achieve the following goals with the HAMMER Ferrum TX2:

  • Men: broad, muscular chest
    Women: tightening of the chest
  • Men: broad, muscular V-shape
    Women:  strong back
  • Men: strong, defined shoulders
    Women: toned shoulders
  • Men: muscular upper arms
    Women: toning/definition of the arms
  • Well-trained muscular legs
    Women: toning/definition of the legs
  • Flat six-pack and defined ab muscles

Effective strength-training for all of your main muscle groups!
A combined ergonomic butterfly bench press unit helps you build up a broad, muscular chest, and the multi gym TX2 has a latissimus pulley and a rowing pulley to work your back. You can easily develop impressive arm muscles (biceps and triceps) with the curling station - the height of which can be adjusted - a curling bar, and a triceps pulley. The leg curling unit on the HAMMER Ferrum TX2 ensures the build up of your leg muscles. Here you can easily do leg curls and leg extensions.
Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, leg bend, arm curls, rowing, tricep press/pull, crunches, cable pull, should pull, abductor/adductor exercises, and much more.

Strength-training can be very varied and diverse: Depending on intensity, scope, workout form and the selection of exercises, you can target specific muscles and set specific workout goals. In this way you can more intensely work one of the four types of strength (maximum strength, quick strength, reactive strength, and strength endurance) and can focus either on building up or defining muscles. Strength-training with the multi gym HAMMER TX2 is an ideal way to quickly and effectively get your entire body fit. Low space requirements and many workout variations make the HAMMER TX series the ideal solution for those looking to create a home gym. The HAMMER multi gym TX2 helps you achieve the following goals:


  • Broad, muscular chest
  • Broad, muscular V-shape
  • Toning/Definition, defined shoulders
  • Muscular upper arms
  • Well-trained, muscular legs
  • Six-pack and defined ab muscles


  • Tightening of the chest
  • Strong back
  • Toning of the shoulders
  • Toning/definition of the arms
  • Toning /definition of the legs
  • Flat stomach

The HAMMER Multi Gym Ferrum TX2 - effective full-body workout
Numerous exercise options
The multi gym Ferrum TX2 is the basic model in the HAMMER Ferrum TX series and offers many various exercise options with which you can work your entire body. A 160° rotatable, height-adjustable roller system ensures maximum movement, free exercises, and core training. Work your chest, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks just like in a professional fitness studio.

A particular highlight is the Power SZ rod included in the scope of delivery for the HAMMER Ferrum TX2; this rod effectively works specific muscle groups thanks to the various handhold variations.

To further work your back, the Ferrum TX2 multi gym comes with a latissimus pull unit and rowing cable pull. You can focus on different muscles during an exercise by using the various handhold variations: The latissimus rod, for example, can be pulled down to the back of your neck or down to your chest if you sit backwards. This works the biceps more intensely. If you grasp the lat rod with a wider grip, then your biceps are practically no longer involved. This primarily works your large latissimus back muscle.

The chest muscles can be worked with multiple exercises on the TX2. A bench press unit works the entire chest musculature, while the butterfly unit is primarily used for definition and to activate the outer chest muscles. There is also a wide variety of effective exercises for the times when you want to work your arms, i.e. biceps and triceps. The height-adjustable curling station is perfect for isolating your biceps. You can also vary your workout thanks to a number of handhold variations or by doing your curls while standing. You work your triceps with the latissimus pulley or the bench press unit. Even here you have various handhold variations.
The multi gym TX2's leg curl unit is ideal for working your legs. You can use the unit to target your Quadriceps femoris, the so-called thigh extensor, or the ischiocrural muscles, the back side of your thigh musculature and your buttocks. This means you can cover all of the main muscle groups in your body with just one exercise device; nothing is standing between you and muscle growth.

High-quality workmanship
The Ferrum TX2 multi gym offers not just the perfect variety of exercises; the workmanship is also of highest quality and very stable. The backrest, seat, and curling station come with a 40mm-thick comfort cushion. This means that your workout is comfortable even when you are using a lot of weight, and pressure points are avoided.

The 60kg weights are covered with a protective textile lining, which provides safety in households with children and insulates noise when you are shifting the weights. The main structure - made out of quality steel pipe - and scratch-proof powder coating guarantee the durability of your station and many years of fun.

Multi Gym TX2 workout tips
If you want to build up muscle, work out with a moderate number of repetitions and moderate intensity. Each exercise should consist of about 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions per set so that you get the right amount of stimulation in your muscles. Basic exercises such as latissimus pull, bench press and leg press are indispensable exercises, as you work a large muscle group and also activate smaller muscles in the same exercise.

Conclusion and overview
With the HAMMER multi-station Ferrum TX2 you can quickly get your body in shape in a targeted manner and in the comfort of your own home. The HAMMER Ferrum TX2 is your personal fitness studio, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The special feature on the TX2 multi gym is the cable pull module on the side. The pulley points can be set in various heights, and you can extensively work your chest, shoulders and legs using the handholds and leg straps included in delivery. In particular your supporting muscles need to be activated here, and your torso stability is significantly improved.

You can exercise all your important muscle groups with a variety of activities using the Ferrum TX2 multi gym:

  • Back workout: latissimus pulley, rowing unit and cable pull module for a broad V-shape and a strong upper back
  • Chest workout: bench press, butterfly unit and cable pull module to work your entire chest musculature, even the outer muscles
  • Arm workout: The curling station and rowing handle allow for comprehensive bicep workouts, and you can work your triceps with the latissimus rod or the bench press unit.
  • Leg workout: Leg curl to work the front thigh muscles

The seat, backrest and curling station come with a 40mm-thick comfort cushion, which makes strength-training very comfortable. The weight blocks are covered with a protective textile lining, which provide sufficient safety in households with children. A scratch-proof powder coating protects all of the steel pipe structures, ensuring the durability of your equipment.

Product details:

  • 60 kg weights for a max. resistance of 80kg
  • 160° rotatable, height-adjustable cable pull module for varied pull exercises for your upper body and legs
  • Cable pull length: 120cm
  • Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, rowing, leg curl, hamstrings, arm curl, triceps press/pull, and much more
  • Workout accessories: Power lat bar for various handhold variations
  • Foot straps for professional leg workouts with the cable pull module
  • Height-adjustable curling station for effective arm workouts
  • 40mm comfort cushion and extra-thick comfort cushion rolls
  • Adjustable leg curling unit
  • Ergonomically designed latissimus and curl rod
  • Ergonomic butterfly / bench press unit
  • Pivoted quality rollers
  • Quality textile lining
  • Stable steel pipe frame with scratch-proof powder coating
  • Max. permissible body weight: 130 kg
  • Dimensions when set up (L x W x H): 150 x 120 x 198 cm
  • Space requirements (L x W x H): 270 x 280 x 198 cm
  • Weight of device: 116 kg
  • Colour: silver/black
Features / Additional Equipment Height-adjustable curling station with 40mm-thick comfort cushion
160° rotatable, height-adjustable cable pull system for further varies pulley variations for your upper body and legs
Adjustable leg curling cushion
quality rollers
Ergonomic butterfly / bench press unit
Adjustable leg curl cushion
Strong steel construction with anti- scratch powder coating
Workout accessories: Power lat bar for various handhold variations, curling bar, foot strap for abductor/adductor exercises
Weight block 60 kg
Max. resistance 80 kg
Upgradable with additional weights No
Adjustable leg raise Yes
Multiple adjustable back rest No
Seat adjustable no
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Leg raise Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull Yes
Neck press Yes
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile Yes
Training possibilities Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, triceps press/pull, side cable pull, lateral shoulder raises, reverse butterfly, neck pull, back pull, abs
Weight 130 Kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 150 x 120 x 198 cm