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HAMMER Pro Force Water Stream Rower

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HAMMER rowing machine Water Stream

So Close To The Water, But In Your Living Room!

With our HAMMER rowing machine Water Stream, your rowing training at home feels really real - regardless of the seasons and weather conditions. Because instead of the usual resistance systems such as hydraulic, magnetic or air resistance or a combination of these, you work with the Water Stream with water resistance. The rudder movements are modeled realistically and the sound of the water convey you mentally to the nearest lake.

Effective Training For Fitness And Health

Row the stress of the working day away from the soul or challenge yourself with a high-intensive rowing training - the HAMMER rowing machine Water Stream is the ideal training partner for your individual training goals.

Rowing is one of the most effective workouts ever in which you train the entire body to burn a variety of calories and improve your stamina and overall performance. Through the simultaneous use of upper and lower body you also complete a workout every workout and you shape your tight body.

Your well-being is also positively influenced by the sound of the water. It has a calming, meditative and relaxing effect at the same time, which makes you forget the stress of everyday life quickly, as you move towards your personal goal, step by step.

Extensive Training Computer With Motivating Race Program

18 different training programs provide plenty of variety during training. In the race program, for example, you compete against the computer. This motivates and helps you to increase your performance from training to training.

Particularly Space Saving And Compact

With a footprint of just 2.05 x 0.52 meters, the HAMMER Water Stream rowing machine is particularly space-saving, yet it is ideal for use up to a height of 1.95 m. Thanks to the high-quality transport wheels, it can be easily rolled away after every use and stowed perfectly in a vertical position in every corner. The Water Stream is independent of a power source, can be easily trained in the living room or bedroom - 24 hours, wherever and whenever you want.


Rowing is highly effective, and with good reason. The movements are intense and stress the muscles in complex ways. Thanks to water resistance, the HAMMER Water Stream rowing machine simulates a realistic rowing experience in your own four walls. Fitness can be so beautiful!


  • Weight: 36kg
  • Ware resistance breaking system
  • 18 fitness programmes
  • 18 training programmes
  • Maximum body weight: 150kg
  • Foldable
  • Footboard distance: 21cm
  • Folded dimensions: 65cm L x 52cm W x 205cm L
  • Assembled dimensions: 205cm L x 52cm  W x 98cm L
  • Capstan drive system