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HAMMER Weight Bench Bermuda XT

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HAMMER Weight Bench Bermuda XT

The BERMUDA XT Weight Bench from Hammer fits in every room and is perfectly suited for weight training in the comfort of your own home. Chest, arms, legs and bank: this solid weight bench from Hammer offers you almost every workout option – just like at the gym. The adjustable backrest makes both a flat bench and incline bench, making this weight bench even more versatile. The sturdy steel frame and adjustable weight rack distinguishes this weight bench.

Note: Barbell bars and weight plates are not included with this product, but can be ordered separately. The bars on the butterfly arms and leg curler are designed for 30 mm bore weights


Weight training for a strong, muscular and defined body. This universal weight bench with 4-way adjustable backrest and vertically-adjustable weight rack
You can build muscle and strengthen your body just like at a professional gym with the Bermuda XT Weight Bench from HAMMER. A weight bench is perfectly suited for building muscle, as free weight training requires intense coordination, and the weight bench supports good form.Increase the repetitions and lower the weight in order to focus on endurance.In this fashion, you'll get the best shaping effects and will train for a nicely-proportioned, flattering figure. Weight training is also ideal for losing weight. The more intensive your training, the more calories you burn with the so-called after-burn effect. With the Bermuda XT you decide for yourself how much weight to use and in which workout fashion you want to train.

HAMMER Bermuda XT Weight Bench - powerful training at home

Intensive exercise options
The Bermuda XT is ideally suited for varied chest training. The weight bench includes a weight rack for bench presses and incline bench presses. It can be adjusted vertically between 96 and 120 cm, making it perfect for different arm lengths and user heights. The backrest adjusts to 4 different positions, providing various exercise angles to concentrate on the individual muscle sections.

Butterfly exercises are perfect for building a broad, defined chest. You can do butterflies perfectly with the Bermuda XT and target the side areas of your chest muscles.

You can also use the integrated leg curl unit in two ways to train your legs.

  • Target the front of your thighs with seated exercises (Quadriceps femoris)
  • Target the rear section of your thighs while lying on your stomach (Ischiocrural muscles)

Naturally, you can use the Bermuda XT with a barbell (not included) to perform additional and effective exercises. This includes squats, neck presses and dead lifts.

Extremely robust
The HAMMER Bermuda XT weight bench features sturdy construction. It can handle up to 150 kg (user weight + weights).The weight rack can hold a barbell with a maximum weight of 100 kg for bench presses.The leg curl unit can handle up to 50 kg, the butterfly unit can handle up to 30 kg per arm.

The extreme stability of the Bermuda XT is provided primarily by the solid 50x50 steel pipe frame.The frame is also covered with a scratch-resistant powder coating.

Compact, modern design
The majority of the HAMMER Bermuda XT looks sharp in sporty silver. The backrest and seat are covered in a black and red cushion.The 45-mm thick cushion provides for comfortable and ergonomic training.

The low product weight of just 27 kg means you can quickly move it or stow it away after training. The weight bench measures 230 x 135 x 134 cm (L x W x H).

Accessories and weights
Various weight and barbell sets are available for the Bermuda XT Weight Bench, such as The HAMMER 53 kg or 73 kg barbell and dumbbell sets. Both sets include safety clips that secure the weights and ensure a safe workout.The chrome-plated barbells and dumbbells have textured grips to ensure a solid grip during intensive workouts or with lots of weight.

HAMMER Bermuda XT training tips
For the most challenge to your muscles, resulting in effective muscle growth, you should follow the burnout principle. This involves pre-stressing the muscles you will work out with a preliminary isolation exercise following by a complex exercise until the muscle is completely exhausted. For example, you could start on the HAMMER Bermuda XT Weight Bench with the butterfly unit to pre-work your chest muscles, followed by several final repetitions of bench presses. It's important that you not rest between the isolation and main exercise.

Fact and overview
Nothing stands in the way of you and a sexy body with the HAMMER Bermuda XT Weight Bench. This weight bench with many features offers lots of exercise options that will help you build, strengthen and define your muscles.Isolation exercises to target specific muscles is no problem with the Bermuda XT.

The Bermuda XT Weight Bench is especially well-suited for different bench press variations that give you a broad, muscular chest. The backrest adjusts in 4 positions to allow for various workout angles. The weight rack can also be adjusted to multiple heights.The backrest cushion is 45 mm thick, ensuring perfect ergonomy without pressure points during your workout, even when using large amounts of weight.

For the perfect accessories, order the optional 53 kg or 73 kg barbell and dumbbell set from HAMMER.

Product details for the Bermuda XT Weight Bench

  • Perfect for weight training and bodybuilding
  • Numerous exercise options for your entire body
  • Exercises:Bench presses, incline bench presses, shoulder presses, leg curls, leg extensions, butterflies, etc.
  • 45 mm comfort cushion
  • Weight rack adjusts vertically to between 96 and 120 cm
  • Backrest adjusts to 4 different positions
  • Maximum weight capacity:100 kg
  • Additional weight can be added
  • Max.capacity of the weight bench:150 kg (user + weights)
  • Product weight:27 kg
  • Weights and barbell/dumbbell not included
  • The bars on the butterfly arms and leg curler are designed for 30 mm bore weights
  • Dimensions:180 x 135 x 134 cm (L x W x H)
  • Colour:silver/black/red
Maximum load Max. load capacity 150 kg
Maximum of usable weight 100 kg
Upgradable with additional weights Yes
Barbell bar No
Multiple adjustable barbell rack 96-120 cm
Multiple adjustable back rest 4-fold
Seat adjustable no
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Leg curl Yes
Leg raise Yes
Abdominal No
Back pull No
Neck press Yes
Lat pull No
Sidewise tensile No
Leg press No
Weight 31 kg
Colour black/red/silver
Max. body weight 150 kg (body weight incl. weights)
Build up size (L x W x H) 180 x 135 x 134 cm
Delivery time 1-3 workdays