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Hammer Fitness Equipment

Kettlebell - 8kg

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HAMMER Dumbbell and Weight Kettlebells 8kg

The Miracle Worker For Excess Weight: Kettlebells!
No other fitness equipment is quite like kettlebells for guaranteeing full-body fitness. They combine several fitness elements, such as strength and stamina, cardiovascular training, as well as flexibility and body control. They are particularly effective at strengthening and stabilising the core, and quickly build muscle. The free exercises mean that kettlebell training translates successfully into your everyday life and the movements it requires – such as carrying beverage crates or putting away heavy objects.

Kettlebells have already been appreciated and proven over centuries
Kettlebells have a long history behind them. In Germany, kettlebells have been known among weight lifters since the end of the 19th century and were mainly used for group exercises in gymnastics associations. Kettlebells were used in the circus to demonstrate the strength of the performers. Kettlebells really took off from 2000, because more and more elite and special units of the military and police started using weight training with kettlebells, which was still being practised in Russia, and weightlifters and athletes started to follow this functional training alternative.

Free training for breathtaking results
Not for nothing does the kettlebell still, after centuries, look like a cannonball with a handle. Iron kettlebells have a wide handle that can be grasped with one or two hands and lifted, held and pulled for various exercises. As kettlebells are free weights, they work the whole body rather than individual muscle groups in isolation. Every workout is a coordination exercise at the same time.

Bottom line
The main aim of training with kettlebells is to build functional strength, explosive strength and stability, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as ligaments and tendons. This type of training is relevant to everyday life and strengthens the torso muscles, in particular, and improves core stability. Because of their relatively heavy weight, kettlebells are used mostly for building strength and strength-based fat-burning workouts.

Most important product information:

  • Premium iron kettlebells
  • 1,000 training possibilities with different approaches to training (strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination, etc.)